An iPhone / iPod Touch Game by JIAYI CHONG, Art Creature Design by JENNIFER LIN


Take part in an exciting aerial adventure! Beast Flyers! is an action platformer that will have you fighting mythical beasts in the sky. Cling onto and control flying creatures using your magical energy rope! Play through a variety of missions including collecting magical sky crystals, avoiding dangerous obstacles like exploding rocks and lava spewing volcanoes. Experience different weather conditions like snow, rain and wind. Fend off viscious critters like sonar bats, winter owls and poisonous pterodactlys! Challenge giant beasts in epic boss battles! These include the phoenix of the flames and the lightning wyrm.

Creature Physics Engine

Beast Flyers! features a unique creature physics engine. Creatures in the game respond to real world forces like gravity and wind. Giant boss creatures are not just simple prerendered sprites. Instead, their bodies deform and move based on their body motion as well as collisions with external objects. Creatures will wiggle their tails and bodies based on external environmental impulses. The physics engine brings these giant creatures alive and makes for a very compelling gameplay experience!

In addition to creature physics, Beast Flyers! also has a cool rope physics system. Swing about in the sky, feel the wind vortices sweeping you into the clouds as you explore the skies!